Ampeg V2 vs V4

As a general rule, the more expensive an amplifier is, the better the sound quality will be. That’s why many guitarists choose to invest in a high-quality amplifier, like the Ampeg V2 or V4. But which one is the better investment? The Ampeg V2 is a great option for those who want high-quality sound without … Read more

2 vs 3 Tremolo Springs

The debate between two and three tremolo springs has been around for as long as the tremolo bridge has been in use. The main argument in favor of three springs is that they provide greater stability for the bridge, resulting in better tuning stability and less chance of the bridge going out of adjustment. However, … Read more

A500 vs B500 Pots

There are a few key differences between a500 and b500 pots that are worth considering when choosing between them for volume and tone control. Firstly, b500 pots are generally more durable and have a smoother feel, whereas a500 pots can sometimes feel a bit stiffer. Secondly, b500 pots tend to have a slightly brighter sound, … Read more

Accidentally Ran Amp Without Speaker

I was setting up my amp the other day, running through some test sounds, when I realized that I had accidentally left my speaker disconnected. I switched it on anyways, and to my surprise, I didn’t hear any sound coming from the amp. I thought that maybe the sound was just muted, so I turned … Read more

1 Piece vs 2 Piece Guitar Body

There are two main types of guitar bodies: the one-piece body and the two-piece body. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right type of body for your needs. One-piece bodies are usually made of a single piece of wood, such as alder or mahogany. This gives the body … Read more

1960a vs 1960av

The 1960a speaker cab is typically considered to be the better option for those looking for high-quality sound. The main advantage of the 1960a is that it offers a more balanced sound, with a fuller bass response and clearer highs. The 1960av, on the other hand, is often seen as being better suited for heavier … Read more

Are Anime Music Copyrighted?

Are Anime Music Copyrighted

If you love music and anime, you have probably wondered about the copyright status of your favorite anime music. Are the songs really owned by their creators or are they simply using their work as inspiration? It’s important to remember that there are legal consequences to stealing music, so before you do anything else, it’s … Read more

Why Does Music on the Radio Sound Different?

Why Does Music on the Radio Sound Different

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered why music on the radio sounds different than the actual digital copy of the song. While the quality of digital music has grown over the years, it’s still not the same quality as an actual recording, and there are several reasons why it sounds different. In this article, … Read more

Can You Use a Drum Amp for Guitar?

Can You Use a Drum Amp for Guitar?

Overdriven, distorted guitar sounds have been used to great effect in nearly every kind of rock music throughout the past years, so it should come as no surprise that many guitarists are looking to get their hands on an amp designed specifically for drums. But how much can you take advantage of an amp that … Read more

Can You Haggle at Guitar Center?

Can You Haggle at Guitar Center?

You’ve probably seen signs that say no haggling, or you’ve heard people talking about how it’s impossible to haggle at Guitar Center. If you’re new to the world of music, or if you’re already an enthusiast, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term haggling used in relation to guitars and other instruments. However, the term … Read more