Ampeg V2 vs V4

As a general rule, the more expensive an amplifier is, the better the sound quality will be. That’s why many guitarists choose to invest in a high-quality amplifier, like the Ampeg V2 or V4. But which one is the better investment? The Ampeg V2 is a great option for those who want high-quality sound without … Read more

A500 vs B500 Pots

There are a few key differences between a500 and b500 pots that are worth considering when choosing between them for volume and tone control. Firstly, b500 pots are generally more durable and have a smoother feel, whereas a500 pots can sometimes feel a bit stiffer. Secondly, b500 pots tend to have a slightly brighter sound, … Read more

Accidentally Ran Amp Without Speaker

I was setting up my amp the other day, running through some test sounds, when I realized that I had accidentally left my speaker disconnected. I switched it on anyways, and to my surprise, I didn’t hear any sound coming from the amp. I thought that maybe the sound was just muted, so I turned … Read more

1960a vs 1960av

The 1960a speaker cab is typically considered to be the better option for those looking for high-quality sound. The main advantage of the 1960a is that it offers a more balanced sound, with a fuller bass response and clearer highs. The 1960av, on the other hand, is often seen as being better suited for heavier … Read more