Do Music Schools Make Money?

Do Music Schools Make Money

You surely wondering whether or not music schools make money. After all, they’re expensive and no one’s forcing you to go. Shouldn’t the school have to prove its value before they convince you to sign up? The fact is that many music schools do make money, but it’s also true that some music schools lose … Read more

Why Does Instagram Music Ruin Quality?

Why Does Instagram Music Ruin Quality

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos. If you’re one of the millions of people who make use of Instagram, then you may have noticed that there’s now music playing while browsing through some photos. This doesn’t apply to only ads and sponsored content, either; users can … Read more

Why Does Music Quality Go Down On Call?

Why Does Music Quality Go Down On Call?

It’s quite frustrating, but you can never seem to get the music quality you want on call. Irrespective of the voice chat application being used, music just doesn’t sound as good when you’re using your phone, even though it sounds crystal clear in all other situations. There are numerous reasons why this happens, most of … Read more

Why Does Music Have 12 Notes?

Why Does Music Have 12 Notes

For many people, music theory and understanding how the notes of the musical scale work are two different things. In reality, they’re closely related concepts; you can’t fully understand the way that music works without understanding how notes are named and where they fall in relation to each other. To help you with your musical … Read more

Why Does Music Get Quieter When I Open Messages?

Why Does Music Get Quieter When I Open Messages

Have you ever noticed that when you open up your messages or receive a new message, the music on your phone will play at a significantly lower volume? The music’s volume suddenly begins to fade out. While it might seem like an annoyance, there’s actually logic behind this seemingly random occurrence. In this article, we … Read more

Why Does Music Drain My Battery?

Why Does Music Drain My Battery

For reasons that are unclear, listening to music on your phone seems to drain your battery more quickly than other activities do. We’ve all been there before, listening to our favorite music, when suddenly the phone starts beeping and going dark as if we are about to run out of power. But why does music … Read more

Why Does iTunes Rename My Music Files?

Why Does iTunes Rename My Music Files

It’s frustrating to go back and listen to your favorite music and realize that all of the songs have been renamed with seemingly random numbers and letters. Why does iTunes do this? Should you change it back? In this guide, you’ll learn why iTunes automatically renames music files, how to change the default behavior, and … Read more